A diary page of a kid

Perfect use for some books 🙂

1 Dec 2008

I look up on my calendar, and 24th and 25th November are crossed out(the idea was to cross out each day as it passed, but i’m so lazy). Let me cross out the rest first…

Ok.. So I’ve crossed out days till today, and in doing so, opened the December page on the calender. As Lotus Notes said, 30 more days to go.

So, how has it been? Here, in a new place, a totally new role, away from #####?

It has been scary, at times. I’ve felt vulnerable, very much so. I’ve felt lonely, scared. I’ve never felt peace as I felt sitting alone in the room in Bangalore. But what the heck. I’m here to stay, that’s that.

Office has been good. Some people have accepted me, had conversations with me, some have not. But the part I have missed most is being myself. Except for in ****’s ** training, I’ve missed myself. But nothing to worry. It will happen, slowly maybe, but it will happen.

Hmmm… I miss #####. I don’t know much about how to describe it. ts not like I think of her every moment, but still, I miss her, here & there. But good. Atleast I’ll find out how much I really love her. I love her.

I wrote this more than a year ago. Some things have changed. Some have not. Some I want to change. Some I don’t. All I know I have to get somewhere, I have no idea where.. Stupid, Ain’t it?

Image Courtesy: https://www.facebook.com/SIMStuffIMake
Of course without permission.

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