Woke up to a beautiful morning today…

The rains last night could still be felt in the air.. The sky was pretty, blue with little mesh of white clouds, just the way I like it. It was still little cold, not like the overheated mornings of the past fortnight..

The daughter of my house owner has her birthday today, so we got poori and sabzi for saturday breakfast. 🙂 How better can be a saturday morning?

Alas, thats where it ends.
Right now I am in office. AC is off. 4 people on the floor. what a saturday!
Why do I work so much? Or do I just waste too much time, anmd end up working on weekend? ****!!!! *#@#*@**#@!!!!!!

Next week I am going home. When I come back, all this will end. No extra hours!! Never…


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