Piece of my mind

Long time since I wrote. In between, some things happened.

Went home for 2 weeks. 🙂
Had a good time lazing around, enjoying time with bro n mum. Dad wasn’t there though, caught up with some issues at office. 😦
Met some old friends, missed meeting some. 😦
Enjoyed baroda, the ambiance, the heat, the first rain of the year, the people. 🙂

Finished a year as an employee at Novartis. 🙂
On 8th June 2010, I finished 1 year as an employee. Felt nice when Rajaram, who joined on the same day as me, came and wished me. (I had conveniently forgotten about it on that very day, though I remember savouring the same thought throughout the previous week)

Convocation blues
Convo and Alumni meet at IBAB on July 10th. Will meet the old gang there. + will meet some friends in Bangalore. 🙂

World Cup
Finally started catching up with the world cup badwagon (Thanks to the live streaming on FB! Writing this as I watch Korea struggling to equalize with Uruguay). Go Argentina.. Go Maradona… 🙂

Last but not the least, life is still a mess. No ideas about the future, no remedy for the past. Hope it all settles down to something good soon. Need all your wishes. 🙂


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