Thoughts noted down..

As the title says, these are thoughts, feelings, etc inside me, which I thought need to be written down, lest I forget them…

Work is good. People are leaving the company everyday(now as the economy is back on track), and new ones are joining at the same time. Will miss some of the people who left.
Got appreciated and rewarded at work recently. Feels great to be appreciated even when you think you haven’t done enough. Charges me up to strive to do more next time.

Went to Bangalore for IBAB convocation(held on 10 July 2010 at IBAB Campus in Electronic City).

Got my PG Diploma in BioInformatics.
Met most of my old friends from IBAB.

Couldn’t meet many more from the old days(regret! next time for sure). Had a good interaction with some of the current batch people(Following it up on FB! 🙂 ). I so so so like the new campus.

Want to somehow make it possible to go visit every month, donno how though!!

Bangalore Trip:
Was good. Got to hang out with my pals, make some future plans.

Got to roam(walk) around on Bangalore streets like good ol’ days. Felt very emotional when I finally left the city.
The Train trip back was An Education. Never had ticket trouble before on a train, had never talked to a TTE before. This time, spent atleast 4 hours with a TTE, and another 4 hours sleeping while sitting in the middle of the night due to my over-smartness while exchanging seats. Never again will this happen. Ignorance to Law is not a valid defence once you violate the law!

World Cup:
Ya fine! Arg didn’t win the cup, losing pathetically to Germany. Will wait for 2014 WC at Brazil for Argentina’s Cup.

Life is taking its own course.

Cooked chicken for the first time last night. Was quite good(couldn’t get rid of a little sweet taste though). Small baby steps in the cookery kingdom. 🙂

Was out friday night with a friend, roaming around a park, having ice cream, and discussing life at 11 at night.

Saturday night again, took a ride with some friends to the Airport 35 KM away, bcoz they wanted to go there and have a smoke. 🙂

Realized one thing. Only I can make my life what I want it to be, no body else. So hopefully , no more stupid decisions like the one I made in Bangalore. Concentration on Education and Career. Wish me luck!


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