The tears in their eyes..

Have you ever been to a 4D theater? Well, I haven’t.
But this is what I assume its like.
There’s a movie that plays, and you are subjected to the physical changes(at least some of them) that are happening in the film. Of course, you also understand the changing emotions in the film. So, I would imagine that one would think that he/she is actually a part of the movie. But then, he/she would have no power to do anything to change the course of the film itself.

I think I am feeling that right now, though I am not in the middle of a film show in a 4D theater.

Parents mourning the death of a dear daughter who was to be married this year.
An elder sister accusing herself, feeling guilty of getting married first and moving away.
A soon-to-be bridegroom, mourning the death of his decade old love story.
And me, loosing a sister, whose marriage was planned to be the grandest of all, where all of us would meet, after such a long time, to relive our past.
And as most plans planned by us go, this one also ended up in tatters, lying in ruins.
What do you say to console everyone?
How do you console them, tell them to be practical and move on with their lives?
How do I say, “Its gonna be alright”, when I know its not going to be?
How do I hide my tears, and wipe of the tears in their eyes?


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