When Tanuji wedded Sharmaji

What does a righteous man do when the girl he loves is getting married to another guy(one you know, and are friends with with) and you are the facilitator in that marriage(more like, a witness)? hmm? hmmm? Well, you take pride in small victories, like having a pen and yet not handing it over the the marriage registrar, when his pen stops working. Kinda silly, right? But also kinda tells you how helpless you are right at that moment, right? Well, this sums up the movie pretty well. A helpless, righteous man, who can’t decide should he do the right thing, or get married.

In its sometimes silly and mostly vulnerable moments, the movie succeeds in touching you, may it be through the puppy-love-stricken looks by Madhavan, or the laughters of Kangana(Mostly silenced behind some decent music). [SPECULATION ALERT: Due to some reason, I think she had more dialogs, but the director decided that the music is much better to convey the emotions, at least better than Kangana’s dialog delivery.]

As was unanimously decided by our 2 member panel, Priyanka would have been a far more convincing choice, but well, if you don’t try, how will you know that this is not Kangana’s part to play. She does seem to fit into the movie during her moments of anger and rebellion, but otherwise, not really.

But forget all of that, and meet Sharmaji, alias, Manuji. A Doctor(well, he makes pacemakers. What kind of doctor does that? I donno for sure.) settled in London, who comes to India because his parents insist that he gets married.
And, straight from Delhi Airport, he is shipped off to Kanpur to meet a drunk girl, who he falls hopelessly in love with, and is rejected by the girl on the grounds that she already has a boyfriend. But as luck would have it, they meet again, and get a chance to know each other. And, of course, he’s a righteous man, so he does the right thing all along till the end of the film.

Good performances by the supporting cast, special mentions to be reserved for Deepak Dobrial as ‘Pappi'(Bolke batau ya deke) and Swara Bhaskar as Payal, and of course Jimmy Shergil as Raja(who was too under used! but proves he still can give the angry young man looks!) make this movie quite watchable. At some moments, you might feel the plot to be little too convoluted and contrived, but well, its a Hindi flick after all.

Forget everything, and go watch it for Madhavan, who delivers a good performance.
And thats how, TANU WEDDED MANU!


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