Like shadows they circle,
Like panthers they pounce,
If you are hit, don’t fall, stay up!
Because if you fall, thats the end of it all.

You get down on your knees,
Beg to them to go,
They retreat a little,
You sigh!
They pounce again!
You are the mouse,
They are the cats!

Do you want them to go?
What will you do then?
What will be your purpose?
Becase you are the mouse,
They are the cats!

Sometimes, when you have a drying wound, we can’t stop ourself from volantarily scratching at its sides. Some would say, “I’m just checking if it has dried”. Are you really? Or do you like the controlled quota of pain that you are calling upon yourself? Sometimes we do like pain, don’t we? But is it really an intelligent move to live on the edge, and to put oneself in a position to experience pain?
Well, I have been a good boy all my life. Don’t get me wrong, and no offence to people who chose different paths, but my path in life was always kinda simple. Eat, Sleep, Study, Read, Play games, Chat with friends. Thats all.
Then one day, the list expanded. Came in “Fall in love, Be in love”. It was still nice, actually better than the rest of my life before that day. And one fine day, the list got a little short, as the new items were dropped. Added “Feel the pain”.
And that item still remains. But slowly when the pain starts receding, the inner conciousness forces a response, to bring back the pain. And the cycle continues.
Till when? How many iterations?

do i=1 to EndOfLife;
do j=1 to (infinity-10);
if i eq EndOfLife then DIE;


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