A smelly corner on Bollywood street – Delhi Belly

When I generally sit down to write about a film, I would have already categorized the movie into good/bad/average, must watch/watch/time pass/leave it, … you get the drift..

It was last saturday that I watched the movie thats going viral on the silver screen, street corners, office cafeterias and class rooms – yes – Delhi Belly. The songs have made their presence felt everywhere, and some dialogs have crept into our sub conscious. I laughed and laughed and laughed some more all through the movie. Didn’t want to leave the theater at the end(when Amir was playing Dandiya with his handguns, dressed as the disco fighter). But still, I can’t figure out what to write here.

The film was non apologetic in its mannerism – the “diamond” delivery (you know what I mean if you have seen the movie), the excessive gastro-intestinal noises, the dry humping in the hotel room, and a lot more.
The music is innovative, as well as catchy. Ram Sampath was a name I had only heard on MTv Desi beats – and I had no idea who he was. Now I bow before thou, Mr. Ram Sampath. Well done. DK Bose was a hit from the day it was cenceptualized, and Amir khan promoting his next “Return of Disco Fighter” at then end of the movie – ‘Haye! Current marti hai’.. WOW.

There was a lot of sincerity in the comradrie in the gang, and a nice spunk to the character of Madam Special Correspondent. Laughter is drawn out easily scene after scene. Most characters held their own place in the narrative. Vir and Kunal have their space, and not overshadowed by the rising star Imran.
But for people who can’t stand cuss words in every sentense(sometimes only cuss words in a sentense), this is not a flick you will enjoy. STAY AWAY.

Read here for some more interesting stuff about the film – http://unboxedwriters.com/2011/07/st-happens-and-how/

Also, lastly, this movie featured a song which is a tribute to the groovy 80s of bollywood. On sunday, I watched Buddhah Hoga Tera Baap, a tribute to the man himself, Sr. Bachchan. A post about that colourful film up next.


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