"Buddha Hoga Tera Baap"

Viju, as ‘Vijay Dinanath Chauhan’ of Agneepath is endearingly named in his most recent flick, is no Buddha, for sure. He may look a little old, in some scenes, he may even look a little(mind you, very little) tired, he still is no Buddha.
As he says in 1 scene, trying to explain who he is-
ye aj kal ke chhokre log mera gana gate hai, dance karte hai, original dikhau kya?

The film is just that. A reflection of what this man has been to Indian Cinema, if not to India at large.
He remains a figure almost every Indian praises and worships, and being from an era when the filmy people were so far-removed from the general public as if they were from another planet altogether, he has risen to the challenge of modernity and social media. His connection to his extended family on Twitter kinda woke up all the other silver screen baba- and baby-logs on FB and twitter, on which they calmly promote their or their pal’s flicks, while this man holds court like an Emperor, who is just and who will listen to as many people as possible.
But enough praising the grand old man(oops, I said it). He was the first superstar, the first one to bring KBC to our screens(wow, those 9 o’clock emptiness on the streets – I though only cricket could do that to India), and lots of other stuff to his kitty. But let me tel you my experience at the theater, twice, while I gazed at the screen and enjoyed my quality time with him on screen.

The movie is a bit tacky, if you go by definition. But did I think so while i watched it? No. Not even the second time.
It has a very imaginative and hypothetically impossiblistic Climax. So? Who gives a damn. Its funny, and apt.
The movie is about the return of Viju(+scarfs, floral shirts, designer jeans, stylish shades, leather jackets, suits, blazers, multiple watches, and what not) to amchi Mumbai after 20 years. Viju is a sharp-shooter(Watch Angelina Jolie starrer Wanted), no no, un sab ka bap, looking for a job, and trying to reconnect with his now separated wife and son who live in the city. There is a definite plot outline, some characterizations, some sub-plots(Kammo, aka, Kamini = Raavina Tandan; sonu sood & sonal chauhan’s love story; etc etc). Who gives a damn.
The music is good. The RAP/POP medley of old hits, or Sunidhi with ‘Chandigarh di star’, and of course, Big B crooning Haal-E-Dil.
Big B fills your senses and Puri Jagannath finishes of the film moments before you start to get a little distracted from the film.
GO watch it. Really.

ALERT: Big B, the big star he is, has attaracted all sorts of people to this film. The youngistan is in, to see what this man is made of. But there are also the 40+s, and the 60+s, maybe some 80s as well in the theater with you. And they have brought the toddlers along. So, noise alert.

AFTERTHOUGHT: Someoone said Makarand Deshpande is a talented actor wasted in the film. I disagree. There a not too many people around who can pull of his last scene in the film with such finesse.


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