When it all Ended! And How!

The screen went black.
The audio came up.
The now-so-familiar tune (Hedwig’s Theme) started playing.
On screen, now the end credits rolled on – in bright and shiny golden letters.

And I sat there.
Never again? This is the last time?

~ Alright, this is my 4th Attempt to finish this post ~

1st Attempt:
The moment the Credits rolled and I uttered “I don’t want to go home!”
(I hate people who jump out of their seats the moment the movie finishes. I want to watch the whole thing dammit.)
I came home, but decided against writing it, as many of my pals hadn’t seen the movie yet, and I am not great at keeping the spoilers to myself.

2nd Attempt:
I came home, saddened all over again, after a second viewing.
It was like after you break-up with a long time girl/boy- friend. You just want to sit alone, and be sad, for a long time. I felt Melancholic.

3rd Attempt:
Tried again. Was at a loss what to write about. I don’t even remember the scenes. All i remember is the sadness I felt.

4th Attempt:

~ Here goes ~

Sad but true.
That was the last time I would have seen the trio of Potter-Weaslie-Granger on screen. (Magic please!)
The 2 times I watched the movie, I heard a lot of exclamations to the same tune as the above statement, some dripping with sadness.

One person even said ‘What will I do now?’
Yes the movie was different from the book.
Yes there were missing plot points(only 2 giants in the war?), and convoluted interpretations/changes (Molly Weasley’s sudden appearance).
But really, it doesn’t matter anymore.
All that matters is that its over.
Unlike the LOTR franchise, I don’t see a ‘The Hobbit’ type resurrection of the HP troops.
What will I miss:

1) Seeing the WB logo show up, among a cloudy-noisy-fading-out sequence that always mesmerized me.
2) Seeing the lush scenery in the film. (Yes I can watch many more movies and NGC for this, but where do I get the magical undertone? A steam engine-pulled train, a flying car, horcrux hunting, and what-not? )
3) Fred n George n Ron n Arthur Weaslie (I am partial to these 4)
4) Hogwarts – It has evolved and changed in the course of the books and the movies, adding many things to the Castle-next-to-a-lake established in the first book.
5) And last, but in no way in order of preference, Emma Watson. We saw her grow up on screen into the absolute diva from the li’l unruly haired girl from the first movie. I hope she goes on to do great things in life, and not have the same fate as Arun Govil.
Farewell my friends.

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