As stupid as they come

So here’s my little piece of confession.

  • The CHENNAI debacle:

There was this 3-day weekend, and I was destined to visit Chennai to meet my brother, maybe take a trip to ooty. But tickets were hard to get. So we postponed the whole gig for a week later, and I checked on irctc that there were available seats on the trains.

2 days before I was supposed to travel, I logged into irctc to print the tickets, but was surprised to not find them there. I looked at my mails, and I can’t find the tickets there as well! WTF!
I reasoned that I had booked a lot of tickets in the past weeks for multiple people, so I must have forgot to book mine. With a heavy heart, I informed my brother about this. He was pissed (obviously), as we had planned I’ll buy him a guitar on that trip.
So nothing doing, I’m stuck at Hyderabad, while I guess he cursed me to hell sitting in Chennai.
Next Monday, Saurabh (my roommate), found my Chennai trip tickets in his irctc account!

  • The rail-roko farce:

I’m supposed to be on my way to Secundrabad railway station now! 

But, well, the Telengana strikes are back, and in good measure. First the state transport buses went off the roads from Monday, then there was a hue and cry over the Petrol Pumps, many of which opened and closed at their whim and fancy. There was also a potential stop on Autos. I saw so many people walking to work in the last 5 days, it looked like a scene from a war movie where refugees are walking off towards a place that holds hope.
On Friday afternoon, I was informed of a website where they had a list of cancelled trains, due to the agitation, and proposed Rail-roko to be held in Telengana region. My train, unfortunately, was on that list.

So I frantically search for other options, for I have to be home on Sunday(Mom n Me plan to catch a nau se barah show 😉 par, kisi se na kehne).. I find a connecting flight through Mumbai, leaving Hyderabad at 11PM, and reaching Vadodara at 7 AM. Prompt booking is done, Bye byes are said at the office, and I run home. Takes me an hour to get home rather than the usual 20 minutes. I pack, things don’t fit, I repack. Its 8.30 PM. I should leave. Get a Auto to ferry me to the Aero Express stop. Bugger has no change, and I part with 100 bucks. Just missed the bus. No info on when the next bus is. Take a taxi (Thankfully the driver was hunting in the area). Reach the Airport at 9.30. Oh! I’m on time. The cop at the entry looks a t my ticket.
“Sir, ye to aj ka nahi hai”.
“Sir, ye 24th hai, aj to 23rd hai”!!!!!!!!!!!

As stupid as they come, I say!


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