I still remember the simpler times.

During the fresher’s orientation week in college, people were called onto the stage, to say ‘I love you’ in different languages – under the guise – “we should say this to our parents everyday“.

The phrase I love you comes from a culture very different from our current cultural understanding.
In India, pyar, ishq, mohabbat, prem, bhalobasha, etc. always have romantic connotation. Unlike in English, in Indian languages, we don’t have separate phrases like ‘I love you’ and ‘I am in love with you’ which tell us two totally different stories – the first being a general statement, and the second being romantic in nature.

But in India, a ‘love you’ is always taken as a romantic gesture, and somehow, a ‘like you’ has also moved into the cupid-zone. This makes life so difficult.
If one follows the English way, and proceeds with making statements of love and like, he would be totally misunderstood on multiple occasions by numerous people – that he’s smitten with the girl in question. So what should a guy do? make statements like – ‘i love your hair’ ‘i love your dress’ ‘i love your smile’ – but never i love you, because that’s inappropriate. you can’t even say i like you, because that defines that you are on your highway to love-land.

I still remember the simpler times. Only if i was still in school would life have been better. These kids totally understand and behave well to these terms and statements, unlike the grown ups.


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