Goodmorning, Friday the 13th

So, it was Morning of Friday the 13th.

Down-under, The Aussies were giving us a good beating – more like beating our bats with swinging fast deliveries, and we were soon 4 down.

I have been listening to music on Saavn for the last few days. It’s good. So today morning, I clicked surprise me, and came a playlist.

And it played – “Itni shakti hame de na dataa, man ka vishwas kamzor ho na“.

Kinda matched the match situation.

But then, my brain went into a Friday overdrive.

Literal Translation of the lyrics:
Give me enough power O Lord,
So my belief in you never wanes,
So I always walk on the right path,
So I never make a mistake.

How a statistician will interpret it(Probably)
Give my TEST enough POWER, my DATA,
So I can accept my Alternative Hypothesis,
Let me DESIGN as best as I can,
So I can cover for all mistakes during CONDUCT.

What do you think?


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