Yaaron, Dosti, Bari hi haseen hai

A group of 2 boys and 1 girl had just got off a overnight bus. They looked around the busy highway, as if in search of a familiar sight.

Dressed poshly, they looked like kids out of college, maybe into their first jobs. Minimal luggage – plastered with airline tags, signaled towards busy feet and travelling habit. The girl carried a cuddly pink blanket. Cute.

Obviously they were new in town.

The other side of the highway suddenly cried for attention. 2 pairs of hands, waving frantically, trying to capture some eyeballs. 2 boys appeared, running, walking, half falling, but constantly moving their hands, and cutting across the crowd of people and automobiles.

5 pairs of eyes met across the traffic, there was silent signal transfer, and then a flurry of  movements, as both groups moved towards each other. The 2 boys, protectively guarding the girl in the centre, who just wanted to cross the busy highway on a run.

The road is crossed, a battle won against the rash drivers and the incessant traffic, and the two groups meet on the non-existing footpath.

Big hugs. Group hugs. Twinkle in the eyes. Hi-fives. The joy of meeting pals.

Standing 5 feet away from them, at Alwin cross-road, I missed my friends.

Guys and girls, you out there, who came in my life and made my life the way it is, beat me up when I deserved it, and were my pillars of support when I needed it, I miss you all. Maybe I don’t call too often. I never send emails. Maybe I don’t even wish u on your birthdays.
Believe me, I miss you all.
Enjoy this ode to friendship, My friends.


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