The search is ON!

So it’s finally official.
I have achieved a feat reached by millions of men before me, and which will be crossed by trillions who will walk this earth after me.
I will very soon be expected to take late night calls, and make calls, to a girl. And both our parents will approve of it.
Very soon, I will be mandated to go on a serious diet, and loose some weight.
Discussions on clothings, home, furniture, kids and honeymoon destinations will probably be the order of the day.

If you haven’t guessed by now, well, you are an idiot.
And yes, the rest, you guessed it right. I will be getting married sometime, hopefully in the near future.

No no. No girl has selected me yet. Neither have I.
Actually I have not even met any of the potential matches, filtered through the family checks and filters.

What’s official though is that the Search is on. And I have dug up some of the check criterion:
Dad: should be stay at home girl.
Mom: should be a dancer, and a bong.
Naani: shouldn’t be from a Muslim family.

And naani has now told me that I should start looking.

So world, the search is on.
Join me, participate, refer, and who knows, you may win yourself a ring side view of the GREAT INDIAN WEDDING TAMASHA.



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