Bestes-est birthday

As I drove through the quickly emptying streets of Hyderabad, close to midnight, I wondered if this was going to be my loneliest birthday midnight.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a sucker for midnight celebrations. And it’s not like I have never been alone at midnight on my birthday. But there is that subtle difference between being alone & being lonely.
Anyway, as the clock pushed It’s way past 11, I entered Subway to get a bite. Some friends started calling, wishing advance birthdays, as it was well past their bedtime. They candidly asked where I was, urged me to go home soon. After all, it was birthday, you ought to be home.
I ordered my sub, sat down & leisurely finished my midnight dinner. In the meantime, the.clock struck 12, and wishes poured in. By the time I left, it was close to 12.30.
I came out, and was abducted, by aliens. Yes aliens, this specific specie called “friends”, who drive all over town with your birthday cake, at midnight, looking for you, just to play a birthday prank, and wish you health and wealth.
Keeping with time-tested rituals, I was picked up, hung in mid-air, kicked in the bums, and then an amazingly tasty cake was cut, half of which ended up on my face. All of this, in a parking lot. 🙂
Without a doubt, the best birthday ever. Doesn’t matter how the rest of the day goes, this was the best one ever.
Oh and yes, now I’m just 4 short of hitting 3 decades. Wish all future ones are as amazing and surprising.

And for all of you who couldn’t get a bite of the cake,


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