I was right here,
Loved, even revered.
Just the other day,
I could hear her sing, see them laugh.
I would read,
read the clouds in the sky outside.
The window,
my window to the world,
the voices outside,
the cars, the buses, the squealing of the horn,

I was here too, you know,
correcting papers,
laughing, being merry.
The kids, I loved.
For my parents, I lived.
My love,
He was far away.
Yet, always close.
Love was the drug,
and now it’s the poison.

I see them all outside,
with my closed eyes.
I can feel the winds changing,
the girls getting ready,
in their yellow saris.
The time to celebrate is soon,
and celebrate they will.
My absence,
forgotten soon.
But the marks will remain,
always, forever.

I am here today,
looking, not seeing.
I look with vacant eyes.
The love I see,
the sorrow washes over me.
I am here, I am now.
Tomorrow, I will be gone.
Gone forever, from their sight.
Maybe not, from their mind.
I will be loved, even revered,
right here, forever.

Photograph A thousand splendid suns by Korak Datta on 500px



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