Random thoughts

Even my worst critic would agree that I travel fairly regularly.
Anything that moves.
The crowds that engulf me are families, kids, matronly aunts and jolly uncles, late 40s trudging along their arcs of life, and the omnipresent 20 some things. Dedicated. Focused.
The chatter goes on around me.
Someone is calling home.
Telling bye bye or hello to their mates, loved ones.
Business men on their bijnesh calls.
Additionally always there are office calls. More like calls from office. Or to office colleagues.
And these are always about :
Status updates
And that one single messaging :
– I’ll dial in tomorrow for the client call
– yep send me an email. I’m carrying my laptop.
These guys and girls. They are not in management roles. Not people who carry around office blackberries.
But they always carry their laptops home.
I’m one of them.
So are we ever really on leave?
Will someone die if I don’t log in tomorrow?
Why should the business be impacted by one person going on leave?
That’s ridiculous.
And that’s the reality.

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