Writer’s Block

Did the writers at Writer’s building go through writer’s block? I wonder…


Anyway. As the reader’s may have noticed, the frequency of me expressing myself via this medium has come down drastically last year. Or I guess they haven’t.

Which drove me to this question.

Why do I write?

Is it for some want of adulation?

Or just a plain and simple reason, to say what I want to say?

Or maybe because I think there are others out there who would like to read what I write, or who may think like I do?

I’m not sure why I write.

Maybe by now you, my audience, may have guessed.

I have nothing much to say today.Or maybe I do and I’m just beating around the bush.

Whatever it may be, I have decided to push myself, to post something every week, even if it is something as bad as this one here.

So get ready.


Here’s hoping I keep my word.


5 Down

Keep running!


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