Pure, and simple . . .

I remember reading about seas and oceans as a little child. Maybe Tintin introduced me to the depths of the ocean, or maybe it was the adventures of the trasure seeking Francis.


And to Francis



Well, say hello to the Shark










So Tinitin here was my childhood staple reading, and Francis, an wonderful creation in bengali by Anil Bhoumik, provided that dash of energy and action that sometimes the Tintin series made up for with exotic locales and the bonds of friendship and sense of comradrie.

Anyway, these two series probably introduced me to the great waves, and I don’t think I was over awed when I first saw my first big body of water, the Bay of Bengal. During one of the very first summer vacations I can remember, we visited Digha, and I remember enjoying my time with the sand, the plam trees and the waves. And in the years after that, I saw many beaches, enjoyed the shade and sun, the surf and the food, and everything that comes bundled with a seaside.

Couple of years ago, I was in Kerala with a few friends. We were attending a wedding, and then extending our stay to explore a bit of this beautiful state. After a few days up in the hills and forests, we came down to the seaside, and walked onto the beach at Alleppy. It’s not one of the premier beach destinations, and hence it was pretty clean and tidy. It was a overcast morning, the sea a little rough, strong winds moving inland over the waves.

And then this moment occured.

Glimpsing into Nothingness by Korak Datta on 500px.com


It was one of the most freeze-frame moments I have experienced in my lifetime. My friend just stood there, mesmerized perhaps, at his first tryst with the great Bay of Bengal. In his 20 odd years on the planet, this was the first time he was on the beach, experiencing the waves as they splashed on his feet.

The daze continued for maybe the next 10-15 minutes, and then of course he enjoyed his day on the beach like a 5 year old kid.


Inspired from this.



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