My 2 bits on the infinity…

I finally managed to catch up on the big extravaganza of the MCU, after avoiding watching the film for weeks, yelling at the top of my voice when people tried to tell me spoilers, and keeping my eyes and mind closed to all the reviews and questions floating around the internet.

Not a bad decision.

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Total = ??

Like most families around, I also come from one with a lots of branches.

My mom has 5 siblings, and loads of cousins, while my father has 2 brothers and a bunch of cousins as well. Funnily enough, out of these branches of the extended tree, I was closest to mostly my 2nd and 3rd cousins, that too just a few of them. And while I knew them, sure, I can’t say I stayed in touch with them all my life growing up.

Different cities, schools, colleges, residential schools, no internet and mobile, age differences, all played its part in keeping all us brothers and sisters a little distant from each other.

But when we were lucky, and we were lucky once in a while, we would meet up. And when we would meet, it would be crazy. CRAZY in caps.

And that makes me try to do this more, and more and MORE.

And if that doesn’t add up to my total in life, what does?



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Dangerous – [Weekly Photo Challenge]

Put into action due to this.

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Eyes Kharagpur WB IN by Korak Datta on

Looking Dangerous, Feeling Dangerous.

Prime property Hampi KA IN by Korak Datta on

Right on the edge!!

Bridge that was Pondicherry IN by Korak Datta on

The calm before the storm?

Have feet, Will wander! by Korak Datta on

Let’s jump and see?

The kiss by Korak Datta on

Crashing into each other!


Missing Sign!!!  “Kids not allowed near the pool”

What is that?

Painting the dreams of others by Korak Datta on

Too high

Duty Done! by Korak Datta on

The horrors of war

Caught! by Korak Datta on

Crime & Punishment

Scary Cute Demons by Korak Datta on

Scary demons

Future Gazing by Korak Datta on

Before the jump

The Rush! by Korak Datta on

Crossing the indian road….

Glimpsing into Nothingness by Korak Datta on

The horrors of nothingness…


As a little kid growing up in  a bengali family, the fascination was always towards football. And even though the usual conversation of Brazil vs Argentina would divide a roomful of bengalis, only to be beaten by the dreaded East Bengal – Mohanbagan conundrum, and even though I was a Maradona fan even before I ever watched football, my first footballing champion was someone else.

Why is the post titled Culvert?

Well because it rhymed with his name.

Jose Luis Chilavert

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A perfect prompt

Tomorrow I turn 30.
When you turn 30, sometimes it feels like you are crossing a threshold. 

At other times, it feels like a destination that’s just another on the way to a richer, fuller life. 

30, some people will tell you, is the turn in your life when you finally realize what lies ahead.

Others will graciously disagree and say it’s just another number in a series of many unusual and meaningless ones that drive our lives.

Some will tell you that by now you ought to find your place in the world.

Sometimes 30 also feels like the time to sit down and take a proper inventory of your life, or also probably the time to do a very deep assessment of your own self.
Well, what is 30 really about?

Ask me next year.

Come back, and ask me next year.
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