The Trip

It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last. As he boarded the bus to return to his karmabhoomi, he couldn’t stop but wonder when he will be back.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Partners – 5

And this one, from Diwali a few years ago. Inspired to post from –>



Illuminating the world together



Weekly Photo Challenge – Partners – 4


This time, a presentation prompted by Partners.

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Weekly theme: Curve

Here are two of my very early day images which fit under this theme:

Wrong Turn by Korak Datta on

“Wrong Turn”

Captured on the way from Chennai to Mahabalipuram or Pondicherry.

Canon EOS 1000D – 55mm – ƒ/5.6 – 1/100s – ISO 200


Experimentation by Korak Datta on


Captured in Hyderabad. First experiment with light trails.

Canon EOS 1000D – 55mm – ƒ/13 – 10s – ISO 200



Both images edited using  Microsoft photo editor.


My two bits to the weekly photo challenge.

A journey

When I was a little kid, say about 4-5 years old, I remember mom and dad taking me on an early morning stroll everyday. On the way I would see old gentlemen walking at a brisk pace in their lungi & payjamas and groups of elderly and middle aged men guffawing on the middle of the road, probably over a joke too explicit for my young ears. There would also be the families out and about like mine, with little kids in tow and the parents taking decisive strides towards fitness. And there would be the actually sporty ones, people running and jogging, playing badminton or volleyball, people of all ages and genders who took their life and health seriously.

Cut to a few years later, and we had moved to a different town, and my physical activities were now confined to playing chase and hide & seek at school, or in the evening with kids from the compound I lived in. There was little bits of cricket thrown in here and there, but this didn’t do a lot to my health. Very soon after this, I contracted a little infection which confined me indoors for a few months, and that was the end of that era.

Soon afterwards, owing to my ‘sick’ condition, we moved to the city again, and this time into a huge central govt colony. Clean roads, trees, grounds, security, the whole sha-bang. Here, my mom found willing trainers who were happy to help out a podgy teenager loose some of his baby-fat. This included a CISF jawan, who would insist that I run to his post around 6 after which he would make me do free-hand exercises, and a chief of the colony security team who would take along all the young kids he could find for a long run and exercises at the break of dawn. I also managed to join a badminton coaching and pulled it off for quite some time, after which it stopped because of some cause I don’t seem to be able to remember. People who have seen me in my school and college days can easily imagine that all this had no effect on me whatsoever, and I kept adding inches consistently to my waistline.

After moving across the country in my 10th standard, all of this came to a halt and the next few years went by with me barely moving my ass. School soon got over, and I was a overweight boy on my way to college. The first thing dad noted at the hostel was that there was a free gym (and it was quote good), but I never managed to visit it in all of my college days. Major free time was spent gulping down bhajji, paratha and coke, and the rest in front of the computer screen shooting down opponents in CS, or thrashing the living hell out of folks in AoE & WoW.

My work-life started off at a pristine office with a gorgeous view, and the days would usually end with sumptuous biriyani dinners, as was the norm in the new city. All of this history managed to add 30 kilos to by already overweight body over a period of a little more than a decade.

It’s not like I didn’t think about going to the gym. We had a free one in the office, and a good one at that, and I took a few dabs at a fitness regime, but it would quickly disintegrate after a vacation, or a few days spent loving food too much.

The journey probably has started only in earnest over the last couple of months. it’s too soon to spot a trend I guess, but I believe this is it. And I don’t want to let this one go. So here’s to getting healthy, and regaining fitness.


Prompted from healthy.

5 Down

5 years is not a short time.

Half a decade!!

If I go back in time by that amount of time, I would find myself sitting at an office desk, just like I’m doing now. Only difference would be that it was a working day.
If I go back half a decade more, I would find myself probably trying to figure out what’s my next class. That was another life, filled with books and cycles [the biochemistry types] and chemistry and hostel life. Let’s leave it there and come forward by 5 years.

I had finished my internship, 6 months spent learning office etiquette, SAS programming, document review and formal communication, all the while also realizing that it’s not as difficult as I imagined it to be. I was absolutely scared about this internship before I started. How would I cope in a place that required you to do things on time, in the right way and all this while maintaining a formal dress-code? I had conveniently ignored the fact that I had formals in college, that IBAB taught us to meet deadlines and pull all-nighters, and most of all, 16 years of education in our education system had taught me how to conform. So, unexpectedly for me, it turned out well. And in turn, they offered me a job.

And it has been 5 years since the day I signed on the dotted lines and took up a job as a Statistical Analyst at Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. at Hyderabad.

What did I manage in these 157,766,400 seconds?

Well, many of these 1,826 days were spent lazing around at home, sleeping, eating and just being lazy. But of course, there were days which were more productive.

Workwise, I managed to stay ahead in the rat race for most of these 43,824 hours. Lately, I have been falling a bit behind, but I guess that’s just the Normal distribution catching up with my life. I saw my department change names, 7 times. Then I decided to change department. 7 is a good number, you see.  I managed to work with people based out of 6 countries, and more than a dozen nationalities and ethnicities. I learnt how some stereotypes are true, and some are just made up. I managed to leave the office as early as 2PM, and also as early as 3AM. At one point, I even got accustomed to people randomly walking up to me and asking me how to solve this issue and that. Never thought that day would come. Over 60 months, I realised I was a decent speaker, and also grew a penchant for teaching and training.

Personally, I managed to get through 2 relationships. Fell in love a considerable number of times, though it was mostly one-way traffic. I gained at least 10-15 kilos, lost a few strands of hair, a few feet of vision, and managed to outgrow all my old clothes. I Learnt that I could travel, and that I loved watching performing arts in any form whatsoever.  For a few months, dramas held my imagination like nothing else ever had. And then for a few more, I was engulfed in photography, learning its various nuances. I also understood that I can write half-decently, but don’t have a good vocabulary or understand anything about web traffic. I have learnt how to follow recipes and how to appreciate a good drink. I have also learnt that sometimes you can let your hair down, and get on the dance floor. But what the hell! Travel, photograph, enjoy a little drama or dance here or there. And I have managed to make and hold on to a decent number of people who call me their friend, and a few who wish me well. What more can you ask from life.

Well, you do! You want more money, a nice car, a great bike. You want a fine home. And most of all, you want a companion to share this all with. But I think the once that for me precedes all this is the thirst to see the world. Luckily, I did manage to get a taste of this for 14 days in Switzerland. And as is true with all appetizers, I’m dying for more.

In true corporate style, I should now lay down a roadmap, for the next 5 years. And this will coincide with Modi’s grand vision for India. Hope we both manage to pull off a few unexpected rabbits out of our hats, and go well beyond all expectations. Here’s to the next 5.

To look back at the last 5, here are some pictures from the last half-decade of my career.
[advance apologies to everyone featured in the pictures below. if you want me take down any of these images, let me know]

Hampi, my escape!

The Diploma





Kerala, Lighthouse

First white hair, 6 Sept 2013



Odd expressions


And a little bit of Google Magic

Colors in the sky

Food, before flying

For the soul

Odd stuff

With Crazy!

Covering events



The exhibition



More reading, and gifts


The look??!!

The mice

Desolate office spaces

More fun

And posing

Go home Hasselhoff! You are drunk!

Home improvement!

New Mahabharat


Crazy choices


Photograph My First International Sunrise by Korak Datta on 500px