Dangerous – [Weekly Photo Challenge]

Put into action due to this.

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Eyes Kharagpur WB IN by Korak Datta on 500px.com

Looking Dangerous, Feeling Dangerous.

Prime property Hampi KA IN by Korak Datta on 500px.com

Right on the edge!!

Bridge that was Pondicherry IN by Korak Datta on 500px.com

The calm before the storm?

Have feet, Will wander! by Korak Datta on 500px.com

Let’s jump and see?

The kiss by Korak Datta on 500px.com

Crashing into each other!


Missing Sign!!!  “Kids not allowed near the pool”

What is that?

Painting the dreams of others by Korak Datta on 500px.com

Too high

Duty Done! by Korak Datta on 500px.com

The horrors of war

Caught! by Korak Datta on 500px.com

Crime & Punishment

Scary Cute Demons by Korak Datta on 500px.com

Scary demons

Future Gazing by Korak Datta on 500px.com

Before the jump

The Rush! by Korak Datta on 500px.com

Crossing the indian road….

Glimpsing into Nothingness by Korak Datta on 500px.com

The horrors of nothingness…

Looking here & Looking there

For a second, I thought I’ll write something about Harry Potter, the books, or the movies, the characters, or how they had an impact on me.
A second look, and I was back to an empty head, given the different spelling, and of course the change in meaning.

Pensive is a heavy word, and you would associate it with mature elderly people, contemplating about the good ol’ days. But I think I see little kids with the most pensive look on their faces. Wondering about the big world full of surprises around them, new wonders, brand new sights and sounds.

Here’s to pensive kids.

Oh and yes, if you have those cute pictures, do share .


Pensive Hedwig

Based on today’s prompt .

Let’s learn to Invest

It’s 30th of July. And I’m repenting why I was so lazy throughout 2013-14 and didn’t care to make good investments. And as you can imagine, it takes a fair bit of brain-muscle to find the right investment, and a stronger willpower to save money and ‘invest’ in that right investment.

Why I am writing all this here, you ask!
Ah huh!

You haven’t noticed the dots yet.

So I’m also repenting that I now need to rewrite a code that works perfectly alright, makes all the right noises, and generates the numbers that it’s supposed to.

But here’s the ‘Kick’. {No it’s not worth a 100 crores either}

If I pass it on to you today, I’m sure you will spend 5 days understanding it, and then spend the weekend cursing me over a bottle of water. And you will come back on Monday and the code will not make any sense whatsoever anyway.

Here! Look! That’s the second dot for you.

2 dots are good enough to draw a straight line, and hence, draw conclusions. But let me give you a third dot to make life a little bit easier.

Next month, there’s going to be an inspection, the type we call ‘Quality & Compliance’. They are going to be reviewing everything. And when I say everything, I mean everything.

They will look at your desk [Is there confidential stuff lying around?]
They will look below your keyboard [You are writing all your passwords on a sticky and sticking it under the keyboard aren’t you?]
They will look into your system’s history [No skeletons in that closet I hope!]
They will look at your documentation [dot the i’s and cross the t’s my lad]
And they will look at your code, its input, its output, its log, and anything else they can find.

Based on the above scenarios, I think you should clean up the code a bit. Add a few comments to describe the various sections in the code. Oh wait! Sections! Hmm! I didn’t exactly write the code in sections. There was a lot of trial and error and copy and paste. Maybe you should start there. Organize the code into sections first. What? You can’t pull them apart? Why? Oh, they are written that way you say? Fine by me, the audit is all yours then. Oh don’t be scared boy. Maybe!!!!! Yes, right, that’s a good Idea. Spend the weekend here in office, and write the whole thing from scratch. Make sure you build it in sections, demarcate them by writing comments, add defensive codes, handle exceptions, and while you are at it, teach it to make a good filter coffee as well.

There, I said it. There’s your third dot.

Do I make any sense now?

Not yet?

Go wash your face, get some coffee, and come back to class by 11.15.
We will then go over how you should think, plan and then write programs. Got it?
“Invest time upfront, rather than jumping off the cliff and hoping you grow wings”
Justmade Itup

Investments are subject to risks. Please store the pig in a safe place after investing.

Lunch @ 5

The lunch was always a quick affair,
Tucked between returning from school
And leaving for the tuition on the pretty little bike.
The tiffin at school was heavier,
The evening snack, healthier, familiar.
The lunch, the ignored meal of the day.
With our feet running the rat race,
The laptop bag digging into the shoulder,
There are no more mid-day tiffins.
Mother no longer serves the evening snack,
Or maybe she does, and I’m no longer home.
Fighting off competition, and my own demons.
Breakfasts are now hurried,
Dinners gobbled up at midnight,
And Lunch, it’s now @ 5.
Poem nahi hai khaas to hate to mat karo yaar,
Abki bar……. Dhurrrr Burbak!

My first Girlfriend

She sat there, next to the window, admiring her shiny red nail.
I looked on.
She gazed outside, at the passing headlights.
I stared.
She started searching for something in her handbag.
I was inquisitive.
There was a small click.
And I heard the sound. Faint, only in my left ear.  But still it was clear, over the din of the bus, rumbling through the state highways of North Bengal.
SP Balasubramanyam sang “Tum Se Milne Ki Tamanna Hai” in my left ear, and I thought ‘I have met her already’.
She looked at me and smiled. “Enjoying?”
“Yes”, I said. “I will ask dad to get me one too”.
“Yes, you should buy a Walkman, and also buy some nice cassettes. Buy Saajan, its superhit. That guy, Sanjay Dutt, he limps in the film, but he is the real hero. And Madhuri can dance so well….” She went on telling me the virtues of the superhit film from last year, and I dozed off. (Well, this habit of dozing off mid conversation will come back to hound me throughout my grownup days)
I dreamt of telling my classmates not to tease me anymore, or I’ll call my girlfriend, who had promised me to use her long nails to help me in my fight. “For Justice, For Honor, For the last starfruit/guava on the tree”…
I found out from an acquaintance almost a decade later that she had passed on to a better world, after a bout of a strange fever, at the early age of 20. That’s around the time I was close to 7-8 years old. 
My first girlfriend.