5 Down

5 years is not a short time.

Half a decade!!

If I go back in time by that amount of time, I would find myself sitting at an office desk, just like I’m doing now. Only difference would be that it was a working day.
If I go back half a decade more, I would find myself probably trying to figure out what’s my next class. That was another life, filled with books and cycles [the biochemistry types] and chemistry and hostel life. Let’s leave it there and come forward by 5 years.

I had finished my internship, 6 months spent learning office etiquette, SAS programming, document review and formal communication, all the while also realizing that it’s not as difficult as I imagined it to be. I was absolutely scared about this internship before I started. How would I cope in a place that required you to do things on time, in the right way and all this while maintaining a formal dress-code? I had conveniently ignored the fact that I had formals in college, that IBAB taught us to meet deadlines and pull all-nighters, and most of all, 16 years of education in our education system had taught me how to conform. So, unexpectedly for me, it turned out well. And in turn, they offered me a job.

And it has been 5 years since the day I signed on the dotted lines and took up a job as a Statistical Analyst at Novartis Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. at Hyderabad.

What did I manage in these 157,766,400 seconds?

Well, many of these 1,826 days were spent lazing around at home, sleeping, eating and just being lazy. But of course, there were days which were more productive.

Workwise, I managed to stay ahead in the rat race for most of these 43,824 hours. Lately, I have been falling a bit behind, but I guess that’s just the Normal distribution catching up with my life. I saw my department change names, 7 times. Then I decided to change department. 7 is a good number, you see.  I managed to work with people based out of 6 countries, and more than a dozen nationalities and ethnicities. I learnt how some stereotypes are true, and some are just made up. I managed to leave the office as early as 2PM, and also as early as 3AM. At one point, I even got accustomed to people randomly walking up to me and asking me how to solve this issue and that. Never thought that day would come. Over 60 months, I realised I was a decent speaker, and also grew a penchant for teaching and training.

Personally, I managed to get through 2 relationships. Fell in love a considerable number of times, though it was mostly one-way traffic. I gained at least 10-15 kilos, lost a few strands of hair, a few feet of vision, and managed to outgrow all my old clothes. I Learnt that I could travel, and that I loved watching performing arts in any form whatsoever.  For a few months, dramas held my imagination like nothing else ever had. And then for a few more, I was engulfed in photography, learning its various nuances. I also understood that I can write half-decently, but don’t have a good vocabulary or understand anything about web traffic. I have learnt how to follow recipes and how to appreciate a good drink. I have also learnt that sometimes you can let your hair down, and get on the dance floor. But what the hell! Travel, photograph, enjoy a little drama or dance here or there. And I have managed to make and hold on to a decent number of people who call me their friend, and a few who wish me well. What more can you ask from life.

Well, you do! You want more money, a nice car, a great bike. You want a fine home. And most of all, you want a companion to share this all with. But I think the once that for me precedes all this is the thirst to see the world. Luckily, I did manage to get a taste of this for 14 days in Switzerland. And as is true with all appetizers, I’m dying for more.

In true corporate style, I should now lay down a roadmap, for the next 5 years. And this will coincide with Modi’s grand vision for India. Hope we both manage to pull off a few unexpected rabbits out of our hats, and go well beyond all expectations. Here’s to the next 5.

To look back at the last 5, here are some pictures from the last half-decade of my career.
[advance apologies to everyone featured in the pictures below. if you want me take down any of these images, let me know]

Hampi, my escape!

The Diploma





Kerala, Lighthouse

First white hair, 6 Sept 2013



Odd expressions


And a little bit of Google Magic

Colors in the sky

Food, before flying

For the soul

Odd stuff

With Crazy!

Covering events



The exhibition



More reading, and gifts


The look??!!

The mice

Desolate office spaces

More fun

And posing

Go home Hasselhoff! You are drunk!

Home improvement!

New Mahabharat


Crazy choices


Photograph My First International Sunrise by Korak Datta on 500px



A new experience (একটি নতুন অভিজ্ঞতা)


এবার পুজো-এ মা আমার বল্লেন “বাছা এবার যে আমি নাচবো গাইবো আর ফুর্তি করবো। খুব ফুর্তি করবো।  কিন্তু তোকে যে বাবা আমাকে একটু এদিক ওদিক নিয়ে যেতে হবে.”
আমি বল্লাম “মাগো আমার , তোমাকে নিয়ে যাবো যেথানে বল।  আচ্ছে আমার লোহার ঘোড়া তৈরি। “
মা বললেন “চল তাহলে , বেরিয়ে পড়ি, দেখবি আমার নতুন বন্ধুদের।”

সেই থেকে শুরু।  দেখলুম মহিলারা কিভাবে মজা করে, নিজেদের মতন করে, এই পৃথিবীতে আরো কিছু লোকের ভালো করার জন্য একটু কিছু করেন।

Part 1 – এইভাবে  শুরু। স্রোতস্বিনী -র  পরিচই।

Part 2 – রিমঝিম বর্ষাকাল। মেঘলা দিনের একলা কাহিনী। কে তুমি , কে তুমি ?

Part 3 – ছোটোবেলা।  চরুই পাখি।   আব্বৃত্তি। বন্ধু তোমাএ এ গান শোনাবো বিকেল বেলাএ।

Part 4 – jiggle baam …. খাওয়া  দাওয়া গপ্পো। ভালোবাসী তোমাএ।

Part 5 – কফি হাউসের আড্ডা আর নেই।

Part 6 – আমরা কি এতই আলাদা ?

Part 7 – তা তা থৈ থৈ।  আএ আএ আএরে ছুটে খেলবি যদি আএ।

লুঙ্গি ডান্স , পথ ছার !
এবার  হবে ধুঞ্চি নাচ।
“জয়  মা তারা “

Part 8

দেখলেন সব গুলো? চললেন কোথা ? আরো আচ্ছে।
সাবস্ক্রাইব করুন।  যেই লিখবো আপনার মেলবক্স এ কলিং বেল বাজবে।

“আসছে বছর আবার হবে “

Art-y Times

Last few month of 2011 have been, well, very Artistic!

No! No! No! I didn’t display my creativity and torture people. (Did take some pretty cool shots though! And got praised by a lot of people too! CHEERS..)

– The Hindu Metroplus Theater Fest 2011
        – The Interview –
        After Kiran Madam left, didn’t go for any plays. This was the first. Thanks to Abhishek for the company.
And what a story.
The story of a fresher being interviewed by a part-eccentric part-innocent rotund balding boss, who’s sleeping with his sexy Assistant on the side, and by another employee who sees himself as the next to ascend the throne.
Starts with a lot of funnies, but as we end the performance, the darkness from the corporate corridors suddenly looms larger, and scarier.
But most of all, the contrast of the first and the last scene, left me spellbound.

– Quadir Ali Baig Theater Fest
        – Adhe Adhure –
        Disturbing, very disturbing. Lilette Dubey, Mohan Agashe and the rest of the cast play a family in the 60s, struggling through the joblessness of the father and the son, a runaway elder daughter, and a misbehaving school-going daughter.
        From time to time, you feel like you understand the characters, and just when you are about to close their file, there’s a new chapter that emerges. You feel sympathetic towards the struggling mother for some time, and then suddenly she transforms. As the shock of the transformation subsided, I was left with a nagging question.
“Is it unfair, for a mother of 3, to seek some comfort, some solace, some independence, from the life she creates for herself and her family, over a couple of decades? Will it be wrong if she flies off, leaving everything behind, to have a better life?”
Commendable performances by the cast, especially Dr.Agashe in a multitude of characters portrayed with brilliance.

        – Noti Binodini –
        Beautiful use of screens, lights, projections and music, along with multiple actresses playing the same character – made this a memorable performance.
The sometimes-painful story of one of India’s foremost professional actresses from the theater world in early 1900s, based on her autobiography, was performed by a talented cast in front of a spellbound audience. The standout moments of the performance were the transformations/transfer of Binodini’s character to the various actresses, pulled off with precision between astonishing lighting, music and set-changes with an ease that only comes accompanied with talent.

– Hyderabad Children Theater Fest
        – A special Bond –
        Based on short stories by Ruskin bond, a fun story about a small child sent to holiday in the seclusion and quiet life of the mountains, only to find out it’s not that secluded, nor is it very quiet. Railway tunnel guard, Leopard, Monkey, Ghost, genial grandad, New crazy-ass friends, Gardener, Aunt, her friend, and the husband. Filled with wacky interesting characters that made the duration of the play look too small.

– The Hindu November Fest
        – Zeb and Haniya –
        Breathtaking songs in languages I don’t know. They enjoyed the singing, and the crowd had loads of fans, someone wanted to take the flutist home with her. The melodies, fusing world music with sufi tunes, and some very strong messages left us all wanting more.

        – Adrishta –
        Fusing Carnatic with Hindustani, and fusing instrumental sounds from both genres, creating magic. Heard some new instruments and fell in love all over again with classical music.

        – Remembering Panchamda –
        A decent concert, covering a truckload of Pancham-Hits. But the most I  liked was the instru–mental medley, the crazy chanting for the bassist, and when the singers did their own unplugged interpretations of some tracks(not something the purists liked a lot, but hey, Pancham wasn’t a purist, was he?)

– The Times Fest
        – Indian Ocean Live –
        Any description needed for the music?
Made even more special by the open air venue, closeness of the stage, rough-stone-cut stage, and presense of by sweet brother with me. The pics taken at this concert put me in touch with one member of the band, so hopefully next time around, i get to take some closer shots 🙂

– Zakir Hussain Live
          At Choumahala Palace, tucked away inside a non-descriptive doorway near Charminar. Beautiful ambiance, lights, and evening. The opening was a little too much to handle (went on for too long, had loooooooooooong tracks to play), but they were a good bunch of performers.  But all was forgotten and forgiven when the master came on stage. Now I know why he’s so famous. Not oonly does he play the Tabla like magic, he has an attitude. Funny, Familiar, and yet Tough. Waiting for my refill during the Shakti concert now.

Office Events and Photography

– Photography class and Photowalk
   Saurabh and Mahesh taught us some nuances about photography, and then took us out for a morning shoot. great experience.

– Independence Day Celebration
   My first official office shoot. Well, didn’t go that well. Pics came out bad. But then, that’s how we learn.

– Documentary and Talk on CONSERVATION by Bikram Grewal

– Jhankaar 2011
   Second time shooting in the office, great moments, great performances, and if I may say so myself, great pics. People loved them.
I did too. 🙂

– End Year Party 2011
  Dance Dance, Click Click, Fun Fun. 🙂

– Family Day 2011
   The last fun filled time of the year at work, all colleagues, with their families, showing off the office. Some clicks. Was loads of fun.

– Glimpses of Suburbia
   My new project. Lets see how it pans out.

2012 awaits.